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The theme of my course paper sounds as following: « Communicative types of sentences ».  Before beginning of investigation in our theme, I would like to say some words dealt with the theme of my course paper. The problem of classification of sentences is a highly complicated one, and this classification we must begin by comparing a few sentences differing from each other in some respect.

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Today the movements can be seen in education system. The responsibility of teachers is increasing in order to introduce the foreign language at a high level to the learners of our Republic. The bright proof of it is the decree “About organizing commission in developing the system of publishing books and spreading them, increasing the culture of reading and recitation as well as popularization” by our President Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev in 2017 on the 12th of January. This problem was not discussed accidentally. Today the process of teaching the foreign language should be organized with strict plans. We, teachers should solve these kinds of defects and to help the learners of our Republic to widen their world outlook 

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Mavzuning o‘rganilganlik darajasi. Kun Shan jen hayoti va ijodi yurtimizda batafsil o‘rganilgan deya olmaymiz. Ammo chet el mamlakatlarida, hususan Rossiya, AQSH va boshqalarda adib xitoyshunos va adabiyotshunos olimlarning bahs-munozaralari mavzusiga allaqachon aylanib ulgurgan.

Tadqiqot ob’yekti va predmeti. Xitoy adabiyotining yirik namoyandasi Kun Shan jen ijodi shuningdek, yapon, rus, ingliz tillaridagi adib ijodiyotiga bag‘ishlangan maqolalar, turli ilmiy ishlardan ham keng foydalaniladi. Yuqorida keltirilgan “Shaftoli gulli elpig‘ich” asari misolida adibning dunyo qarashi va falsafasini va Xitoy ijtimoiy hayotini yoritib berish.

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Actuality of theme. At the present time it is important to use innovative technology in English language teaching and it is considered to be valuable  and required themes of nowadays, because of ever increasing role of technology it is difficult to imagine any classroom without modern tools and projectors. With the innovation of software tools educational system of learning foreign language became comfortable and flexible at the same time it brought some advantages and disadvantages, which are disputable among scientists and researches around the world.

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Restauration – Révolution de juillet 1830 et de 1848 – Commune de Paris en 1871) voit se succéder des systèmes politiques différents (Premier Empire - monarchie d'Ancien Régime restaurée – monarchie constitutionnelle – éphémère IIe République- Second Empire– IIIe République) qui cherchent à répondre (ou à s'opposer) aux aspirations démocratiques nouvelles et aux transformations économiques qui s'accélèrent avec l'industrialisation, la colonisation et les conflits entre les puissances européennes.

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"Im Folgenden skizziere ich zunächst die Konzeption der Selbsterfahrung (Kap. 3.1), dann die konkrete Durchführung (Kap. 3.2) des ersten Teils der Selbsterfahrung, die sprachkontrastive Vorgehensweise und zeige dann die Ergebnisse bei der Auswertung. " 

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 Präpositionen, auch Verhältniswörter genannt, gehören zu den Partikeln und sind daher in ihrer Form unveränderlich. 

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Die Wortbildung von Substantiven, von Adjektiven, von Pronomen und von Adverbien in die Wortart-der Konjunktionen ist im modernen Deutsch selten zu beobachten 

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"Категория падежа — это грамматическая категория имени существительного, выражающая отношение обозначаемого им предмета к другим предметам, действиям, признакам" 

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Cultural imperialism is defined as the cultural aspects of imperialism. Imperialism, here, is referring to the creation and maintenance of unequal relationships between civilizations favoring the more powerful civilization.

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