Muallif: Maksumov A.

Chop etilgan yil: 2016

Nashriyot: Cho'lpon

Chop etilgan shahar: Toshkent

   Maksumov A. English grammar: theory and usage. Tashkent.: Cho'lpon, 2016. 320 p.

   In preparing this book it has been the purpose of the author to make a concise students' grammar of English, designed for learning in high schools in which, there is need of a systematic course in the subject.

   Attempts have been made to tell or acquire a little history, prescription, description of the English language, and mainly its grammar. The author's aim is to capture not only practical and theoretical, but pedagogical goals in teaching.

   From the first items the students are introduced to the notions-language as a whole and its components, the way of forming various types of usage of morphological and syntactical units, then their peculiar properties.

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