Muallif: Gafur Gulom

Chop etilgan yil: 2017

Nashriyot: Yangi asr avlodi

Chop etilgan shahar: Toshkent

Gafur Gulom (1903-1966) was an Uzbek poet, writer, and literary translator. He was one of the great writers in Uzbek literature who had a great share in developing Uzbek satire, humor and comedy. He described different events in 20-30 years of the XIX century and at the period of World War II.

Gafur Gulom wrote humorous stories, funny feuilletons and critical poems which were loved by people in the last years of the war. He wrote some prosaic stories: "My Robber Son" (1965), "The Most Scandalous Asr Namoz" (1965), "Pirmuhammad and His Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren" (1965); and poetic satiric and humorous words: "We Laugh" (1957), "What Happened to Whom" (1961), "There are Some People Among Us" (1964).

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