Muallif: Otamurotov Z.T.

Chop etilgan yil: 2018

Nashriyot: SamDCHTI

Chop etilgan shahar: Samarqand

In today's competitive world, a broad knowledge is needed to succeed in any field, especially in learning languages. Nowadays greater parts of people are trying to learn languages because it is the key of our success. While learning the language we come across some skills such as Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and every skill has its own difficulties. It is an obvious fact that interactive method is one of the deeply investigated fields of Methodology. Thus, most of the students think that interactive methods are interesting and enjoyable to use in the teaching and learning process. Students who do are keen on learning languages struggle with various skills comprehension and they need to be provided with ways to do well in acquiring a language. In order to achieve perfectness in language acquisition strategies and methods play an essential role. Majority of teachers pay great attention to improve students language skills in order to avoid various academic problems. They try to create useful strategies to get students' attention.

Teaching process is mainly based on both sharing and acquiring knowledge. As we know that a methodological approach in teaching foreign languages may be divided into three groups: passive, active and interactive methods. Despite the fact that teaching methods may differ from teacher to teacher, interactive teaching methods are one of the most effective ones used in teaching English. Firstly, they motivate students as they promote an atmosphere of attention and participation. Consequently, lessons become more interesting. Secondly, various surveys show that students absorb the least amount of information in traditional forms of instruction. As we know, explaining something at the lesson is not teaching and listening is not learning. Furthermore, they are an effective way to connect with a generation of students used to consistent stimulation.

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