Muallif: Karoyeva X.M.

Chop etilgan yil: 2018

Nashriyot: SamDCHTI

Chop etilgan shahar: Samarqand

  The dissertation on "Expression of temporality in fiction textsis made in non-relative languages (English and Uzbek) by comparative-typological analysis of the temporal category in the syntactic level. The syntactic analysis of the sentence focuses on the main problems, the adverbial modifier of time and its classification, and the ways of translations from the English into the Uzbek language can be used in fiction literatures. In addition, the basic principles of syntactic comparison, linguistic methods are used such as (the method of distribution, transformational method, componential and syntaxeme analyses), and distribution of elements representing temporality in the structure of sentences in both languages, as well as their components in the position of appositive, dependent components which are analyzed by comparative-typological method in both languages.

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