Muallif: Abdulla Qodiriy

Chop etilgan yil: 2017

Nashriyot: Mashhur-press

Chop etilgan shahar: Toshkent

   "The Days Gone by" is the main play of Abdulla Qodiriy. The reason of calling "The Days Gone by" is that the author aimed to demonstrate the original of sprirtual life of the Uzbek people on the basis of expressing "black days" of nation's history.
The writer tried to describe beautiful decorum, great respect to other people, great sprirituality in communication of peope with each other, different systems of lifestyle of nation at that period.
This work is valuable for national culture of the Uzbek people was described as much as possible. You can see events devoted to thinking, saying and acting like Uzbek in communications between Otabek and his parents, between Mirzakarim praymaster Oftoboyim and their groom, Otabek and Kumush. It gives great pleasure on national culture of the Uzbek people to readers.

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