Muallif: Qodirov P.

Chop etilgan yil: 2019

Nashriyot: SamDCHTI

Chop etilgan shahar: Samarqand

Pirimqul Qodirov was born on October 25 in 1928 in Kengul village in Tajikistan. His first book was "Students" and it was published when he was a student. After the university he was busy with improving his knowledge on literature.

His first novel is "Three horses" which is about new generation of young educated people who want to improve the light activity in life. Besides, he wrote novels "Black eyes", "Diamond belt", stories "My treasure", "Freedom", "Heritage".

Pirimqul Qodirov - historian writer and philosopher. He has a great share in recreating literal-historical period of Uzbekistan. He was awarded with state reward for his novel "Starry nights". Later he was awarded with honorable rank "Writer of people of Uzbekistan".

During his creative activity includes sixty years he wrote dozens of spiritual-ethical novels and stories such as, "Three horses", "Black eyes", "Starry nights", "Criterion of generations", "Admiration of mother hawk" novels, "Wish and people", "Prototype of Amir Temur" books.

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