Muallif: Akhmadjonova B.J.

Chop etilgan yil: 2017

Nashriyot: SamDCHTI

Chop etilgan shahar: Samarqand

Methods of the research: descriptive, interlingual comparison, overall choice, associative experiment, componential analysis, statistical analysis, cognitive and conceptual analysis, structural and semantic approach.

The results achieved and their novelty: a complex inter-disciplinary and inter-lingual analysis of the History of English Lexicography has been worked out, which allowed to study the History of English Lexicography in the light of new trends in linguistics; to categorize and conceptualize English Lexicography; on the basis of comparative-historical analysis to find out national-culture specificity of the history of English Lexicography.

Practical value: the results of the investigation can be used in giving general and special courses in English Lexicography, History of the English Language, Comparative-typological Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Theory of Nomination as well as in Practice of translation, especially literary texts for senior students of the faculty of English Philology.

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